The Solution

To Keep Our Waters Clean

By Clearwater GPS

Algae everywhere!

Some of the planet's most important bodies of water are being destroyed because of toxic algae blooms. These algae blooms kill plants and wildlife, ruin the quality of water, and destroy ecosystems.

The leading cause of algae blooms is an excess of phosphates in the affected body of water. Without phosphate, there won't be algae blooms. Without algae blooms, our water is clean.


The Phosphate Sponge

The Phosphate Sponge is a revolutionary new compound designed to take phosphates out of water. It can bring phosphate concentrations down to well below 10 parts per billion. The phosphate can then be recovered and the sponge re-used. We've tested over 100 load/strip cycles and seen no decrease in performance. The Phosphate Sponge can solve the algae bloom crisis!

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